Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bla bla bla

How can a person especially man talk non stop over the phone? It was like having a vacuum cleaner at the end of the line while you have to endure the pain of listening to it! I consider it a noise pollution!! A threat to my sanity and test of my patience.

I have to tolerate a snobbish tenant, calling me up after receiving a letter from me! Blame on my boss! Suddenly he wants this policy implemented although has been agreed by previous boss. Now the tenant is going to knock at the office door demanding explanation from me! Just fortunate that tenant is making phone call rather than angrily stepping into the office! I don’t think I can handle his antic face to face without blowing my top!!

I always thought that men are polite species especially when talking to the opposite sex. Some more, keep talking the same points all over again and again, like you don’t get them in first place and we need to be reminded again and again! That makes me feel stupid and I don’t know how to do my job! Is my judgment wrong? Just to get their own way, they just don’t care anyway!

I am not against men or a sexist (I respect them as I respect my father, brother and hubby), but sometimes they can be pretty annoying. Women can be ruthless too if they want, but if you ask me to choose on either to deal with male or female customers, I would love to deal with male customers. Female customers can be “bitchy” sometimes and they tend to make your life difficult! Enough saying, or I may be killed innocently if any of my customers happen to bump into this personal blog of mine!

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