Thursday, March 6, 2008


A colleague suggested on having lunch in office as lazy to go out under the hot sun! Yes! The sun is out after missing for the past 3 days.

So, not to think of where and what to eat, we just try this new Bento delivery services that establish recently in Kuching. This food delivery service is called Green Bento. We ordered our food around 10.30 and it was delivered to us just slightly 20 minutes before 12noon.
They have Asian and Western dishes for you to choose from. Been not that adventurous in food, I opt for Asian menu with rice. A Chicken Chop with rice and 3 side dishes. I was expecting chicken chop with gravy (either brown, pepper or mushroom sauce) but turn out to be fried chicken chop instead. A bit disappointed but what the heck! RM5.50 only. Reasonable price for me as the portion is just nice.


Hye said...

As usual.. yummy... I am hungry again... I haven't had my lunch yet.. can you send me these foods, please?

Hye of Space of Reality

Rose said...

Er, can i charge a minimal amount of delivery charge to you? International delivery some more! Hahahah!

Zooropa said...

Wow...the bento delivery looks nice & what a good service! Why KL don't hv this!


PEARLY said...

woow show those lovely food my baby also very hungry la can I have some please ????

Rose said...

Dora, no such services in KL meh??? Btw, we are going to try its other menu today! Hahaha!

Pearly, please feed your baby some more nice and yummy food! Sure your baby will be a big and chubby kid! hahaha!