Friday, March 14, 2008

How bias we are!

Our office conversation was shifted to men (as usual, it is always a hot topic) yesterday afternoon. We were having a company lunch when a male colleague commented on one of a colleague’s food (I named her B). One colleague (I named her A) was commenting on how prejudice we are to male clients. The conversation goes as follow:

(After B exchange a few remark with the male colleague)
A: How come you did not continue to talk to him?
B: Nothing to talk to him
A: So, what if he is good looking? You will entertain him?
B: That would be different story. I would try to engage in conversation with him, no need him to start conversation with me.

Other story goes like this:

A: I did not realize that he is XX.
B: How come you didn’t know him? He always come to our office.
A: It is not that he is good looking or what, how can I remember him??

So, here we go. Isn’t it bias for us women to judge men by looks?? Sorry to say this but it is always good for men if they are good looking, handsome or outstanding in character to have women remember them. Looks can leave long impression in women' minds! :p


PEARLY said...

I think you are right there :)

men look at those tall and slim and big boob women ,
we look at those handsome and tall ..

but when we looking for a real men in our life ........ just a normal will do cos it wouldn't run away with another women kekekeekkkkeek
have a lovely weekendxxxx

PEARLY said...

I must say I am sorry to give you a TAG but only if you want to do it .is ok if you don't want to cos myself I hate to be tag xxxxxx

Lovely Mummy said...

opppsss....i have tag for u ler...hope u like it

Hye said...

Yeah... some people, not only women actually, judge other people the way they look. I hate it honestly. Example is when I am in a mall, and the saleslady won't give me attention because I don't look rich in my attire. I think they are discriminating... cause at times I look great with my attire, they give me all the attention.

Hye of Space of Reality

Anonymous said...

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RaiNboW said...

Hi Rose, I agree whole-heartedly. Just as men are attracted to pretty lady, handsome guys caught our attention.

But personality plays an important role to carry on the relationshiop rather than look.

Nick Phillips said...

Hey, I don't think there's any bias in what you just said cos men do the same thing too ... LOL!