Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My first gold card

It was another busy day for me. A big meeting with 50+ people from the shopping centre since 9.30am and just ended few minutes ago. I was nervous like hell to present in front of those big crowd. Throughout my 8+ years service here, this is considered my 2nd time doing a speech in front of a big audience. You can imagine the butterflies I having before and during the meeting, but luckily everything went well and I didn’t faint during my speech! *wink*

To brighten up my day, I was presented with another interesting award from Hye! Thank you so much, my friend. This interesting award is called Blogging Friends Forever (BFF) Gold Card Award. Isnt it unique? An award cum gold card!! Now I can simply flash it around the blogging world to others. And yes, my first interactive gold card too! I can use it indefinitely without worry on registration fee, as it is totally free! Whats more, I can transfer and supplement the card to other blogging friends!

So I would like to supplement this cool gold card to all my blogging friends in my blog roll. You know who you are!! Thank you for all your support and wonderful comments, tags and awards. You all are truly wonderful friends at heart. Blogging Friends Forever. :)

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