Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rejuvenating day

The weather is great! It has been great since early this week! Sunshine throughout the day! I just feel younger again. (I said younger, as I am not that old! :p) I had a wonderful time last weekend, relaxing at home, feasting and catching up with old friends. It feels like back to the good old day when I have no worries and commitment! Life was simply perfect for me then and I am not saying that it is not perfect now! LOL!

Here I am sitting in my office, looking at the window admiring the weather outside while writing this blog on how happy I am! Yes, sound weird as I should be worry with those work loads pilling in front of me and a colleague is leaving middle of next month! More responsibilities then! As for now, I am not thinking of those problems! Hubby SMSed me, asking me for a nice dinner tonight! Yes, it is salary day for him! Don’t know where the treat is, but I am looking forward to it! And? Movie day this Saturday! I got 2 free movie tickets, so inviting hubby for a movie this Saturday. We planning to watch 10,000BC! It has been showing for quite a while now, and we haven’t got the time to watch few weeks ago, due to my “unforeseen incident” and “inconveniences”. I hope the movie still on show this week! Otherwise we shall catch up on other movies that are on board!


Monica said...

enjoy your movie ;-)

Rose said...

Thanks Monica!! Thanks for dropping by too!