Friday, March 28, 2008

Terung Assam

If you notice, I have been babbling about food since yesterday! Suddenly I feel like having a big feast, indulge in all those delicious food! Weekend is arriving, I couldnt wait to feast myself on good food...... LOL! Today, I would like to introduce a vegetable. It is called Terung Assam here.

Photo courtesy of ARC

I believe Terung Assam (Dayak Brinjal as spoken in Chinese Hokkien) is an indigenous vegetable of Sarawak! Sour in taste, it is usually cooked as soup! You will end up with a tasty, appetizing sourish soup that you would definitely love to pour into your rice! Other way to cook it is to stir fry it with anchovies and prawn paste. I never love sour dishes (I cant stand sour food, never been my best taste bud), but when mum cooks terung assam soup, I would not miss it for anything!

This photo was taken few weeks ago when I was back for dinner at my parents’ house! Mum cooked her usual terung assam soup. Sometimes she will add some curry-coated mackerel fishes in the soup, but most of the time, just a generous amount of brinjals to the soup is just enough to lift our appetite!!


PEARLY said...

look yummy but I have never try this be4 ..gosh must try one day .

Farina said...

Hi Rose. Came here fr Pearly's. I love terung assam! yes, its only available in swak. we used to get the supplies whenever my aunts/cousins/granma came down to kl. i dunno why they dont grom them in semenanjung. now even more impossible to get lah. :(

Amei79 said...

Been a long time not eat any terung work outstation, seem no restaurant / cafe will cook this terung. terung asam cook with the fish...yummy yummy...:)