Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Are you good at keeping secrets?? Especially bedroom secret? Or are you the type that loves to go around telling people how good you are at something etc?

Everyone always have secret from the past may it be good or bad, and it is always cherish in your heart. It was never easy to share your past secret with someone even that someone is close to you!

Few nights ago, hubby was sharing a secret with me on a close friend! Too intimate that I would not share it here as I don’t have to manipulate my friend’s name and it is unethical for me to do so at my friend’s back! We have been so close to this friend that we know his trait, past behavior and personal life! Not that we want to know, but my friend was so eager to tell his story that he got to tell someone! And that someone has to be my hubby! He is considered everyone’s best friend! A brother to look up and share secrets and problems! And guess who hubby shares the secret with? :p

I was telling another friend that why some people can never keep their mouths shut and keep their private life private?? (oops, now do that mean I also cannot keep a secret since I am babbling someone else' secret openly here!) Do you need to show off to others?? Have you ever think what happen or does it ever affect your other half and your relationship when you do so? How would you feel when you know that your other half telling others your sex life? How would you face them when you realize they knew your secrets? How would you confront your other half in turn? You feel betray, right? Who wouldn’t be? What would you do?

Are you good at keeping bedroom secret a secret??


janicepa said...

hm... bedroom secret yeah ..

very much depending lor.. i would tell to my close fren ... but if my fren is sensible enuf she would have kept it..

i belif it happens to both sexes lah ..

Rose said...

Janicepa, but not so private! Just that this friend is too naive, blunting out everything to his buddy! Sigh! Pity the girlfriend.

Luthie said...

I pity the girlfriend. Private life shouldn´t be kept within both of them lar. It will destroy the trust!. Thanks for sharing this Rose. Something to ponder and to learn about.

mama bok said...

Some men are worst than the women folks. But you know.. my g/fs for more than 20 yrs.. had often asked about my relationship with PB .. since he is "ang moh". It is just funny.. when you see how curious some can be.. ;)

Rose said...

Luthie, yeah, I also pity the girlfriend, although not so close to her! Wonder how she feels when she learn about those things!

Mamabok, hahaha! some g/fs always very curious and love to know those private stuff! But if sharing, and not spilling around then it is fine!!