Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mid-day story

We were back from boss’s place about 1 hour ago. He invited us over for a weekly meeting cum lunch! LOL! His wife gave birth to a 2.58kg baby boy on Monday. (very small! Little gal when she was born, she weighed around 3.58kg!) He was on paternity leave so as not wanting to miss out on work, we were asked to go over and update him on weekly reports. We reached his place around 12.15pm. Along the way, we were talking whether we are going to have lunch first or meeting first! We were also betting whether we are going to have kacang ma or not for lunch as we assume it is a lunch in celebration of arrival of new baby. Food prepared by confinement lady? LOL! I was not so sure about other, but I was damn hungry as I hardly have a decent breakfast in the morning!

Once we reached there, we were ushered to the next apartment unit as it is currently empty! Boss using it for his temporary work station. We had our meeting there! Sigh! So the meeting went on and on and I never have thought it would take that long! It ended more than 1 hour later, and the boss’s wife SMSed and called him up to remind him that his staff were hungry! LOL! So, we rounded up the meeting and went to next door apartment. There we were greeted by a cute puppy at the doorstep! Boss bought a new puppy from the night market! She (the puppy) was few weeks old and a mix breed of the Hush Puppies dog and local dog! So cute!

Instead of having kacang ma, we had spaghetti for lunch! Spaghetti with sausages and minced chicken in Prego sauce! Wow! I wish I remember to take photo of the food! It was big portion, we hardly can finish our lunch! Besides lunch, we manage to have a peek at the new baby boy. He reminds me of my little gal when she was newly born! There we shared stories of our babies as most of my colleagues are mummies and daddy! All those baby talks make me stop thinking of 2nd one! Hahahah! Nightmare! Waking up at night for late night feeding, changing diapers, have to pacify baby to sleep, bathe her etc! Unless hubby get a maid or helper, definitely no 2nd one for time being! *wink*

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janicepa said...

that is small for a boy wor..
my colik's gurl was 2.75 kg and mine was.. same like yours.. paiseh .. heavier.. 3.85kg