Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Being single

Oh boy! When someone asked me, do I miss being single, I was blank for a while. Then slowly the memories of singlehood struck me and yes, how much I miss it! Alright, I have no regret for getting married and have children now, but once a while, how I wish I could have some fun that I had while I was single. Don’t every mothers wish they have them too once a while?

What I miss for not been single, I can list it down and the list will never end. For the sake of this post, I will just list down few main points that I find singlehood irresistible.

Time for yourself
I have all the time in the world for myself. I can do what ever I want, put on what ever clothing I like, and go to places that I want without worry on other people. I can make my own decision right now and then. It is totally different story now that I am a wife and a mother. Even when I went out occasionally, at the back of my mind, I kept thinking of what happening to my little gal at home, and wonder hubby worrying about my whereabout, etc. My body is outside, but my heart is at home!!

Your own money
You have to share your money with your partners. I don’t know about other couple, but I am a type of person that believing in helping out at the financial matter. I don’t believe in hubby being the bread winner in the family. So, blame on my principle, now I have to be money wise. I no longer can spend my own money on what I like, such as clothing, skincare and cosmetic products when I was a single woman. After chipping in my portion to pay for monthly bills, credit card statements, necessary expenses, there is much left for myself and not to mention saving!!

Beauty Sleep
I miss those afternoon naps when I don’t have any worries before I got married. Now?? Someone will jump on my bed or scratch my face without giving any peace to me! LOL! Sometimes I wonder, am I getting a beautiful energetic daughter or a mischievous monkey. What have I done wrong in the past to deserve this punishment! LOL! Alright the scenario is not that bad, just that I am complaining of lack of sleep and rest from time to time.

Minus the above cons, there is nothing bad for been married and having family. It is good to come home with hubby waiting at the doorstep welcoming you with hugs and kisses. It is also satisfying to have a child of your own that calling you "mummy" and saying “I love you” at the end of the day. But sometimes, how you wish things are slightly different, don't you? *wink*


janicepa said...

hm.. i wan to be single back !!!..

kekeke.... no turning point dy !!!

Rose said...

Yes yes! How i wish i can turn back time! ;p