Saturday, March 22, 2008

One after another

Dear friends, my foot is on the road of recovery. It would still in bandage for next 2 days as the wound is still red and skin has not yet grow. (ok, I don’t want to narrate more as I don’t want to lose my appetite and make you lose yours! :p) Finally, I would no need to go back to clinic for dressing after today! I grew tired and impatient of going there! *laugh* Thank god hubby can claim his and family medical fee from his bank! A big hole in my pocket this month, spending so much on medical fee and other unnecessary stuff! Sigh!

I am able to walk more like a normal person now, at normal pace without dragging one foot all the way. High heels? Not at the moment! I am missing my heels, but I guess they have to be in the shoe rack for few more weeks before I have the confidence to walk in them!

As I was bragging about my foot recovery, I was hit with another epidemic. Yes, the cough, sore throat and flu are coming back!! I have been having sore throat since Thursday. Sigh! What a holiday for me and my little gal!! She still haven’t recover fully from her flu, she still have running nose for many days. Manage to see doctor today as I don’t want to spread the virus to her further. Regardless of my condition, I still manage to have some funs during the holiday. Window shopping and dinner on Thursday and visiting my parents with Little J on Friday afternoon! I've organised an old friends gathering at Sidewalk Cafe on Thursday night. Gathering cum farewell dinner for my old friend Jen who would be going to KL next month to join her babe! :) Oh! Going to miss her for sure! There will be a potluck at a friend's house tonight too! Oh great! I would not want to miss it although I am down with a "sexy voice" and occasional sneezing. Now, what is next for me?? aaaaaa….choooo! *sneeze*


mama bok said...

Bummer..! get well soon.!

Monica said...

hi Rose, it's my first time here. Anyway, take care!!!