Monday, March 31, 2008

Another round of potluck

Guess we love the last week's potluck that we call for another round last night! As usual, everyone is late although we stated 630pm! What are they so busy about on a Sunday evening huh? Everyone arrived around 7.30pm! We reached there around 6.45pm and another lady friend have arrived!

A photo session with our lady friend

We brought curry lamb! RM25! Pretty expensive as the portion is small although it is supposed to be medium size!!

Other food on the table

The guys enjoying themselves

As usual, after dinner, the guys will need some "table exercise" to digest!! As for ladies, we opted to watch television instead! Deal or No Deal on NTV7! LOL!

Only few of us as some are sick or couldnt make it due to other commitment! The night ended around 10pm and darling hubby winning some bucks from the other guys!


janicepa said...

erm.. i tot i saw a tatoo on ya hubby arm wor.. kekeke..

PEARLY said...

wow all those lovely food wish I can be in Malaysia so nice can have all the friend to be around have a good night and cost not a lot too.
you and your little janice look so lovely and is a same look too .so pretty little girl well donexxx

Dora said...

Oh Gosh...they're a bunch of smokers! I won't go for any potluck gathering if my friends' hubbies/bfs smoke.

Linda said...

Ooh...the curry lamb looks good. I love curry and I love lamb. LOL. I always order that at Indian restaurants here. :P

Rose said...

Janicepa, yeah! That tatoo on hubby's arm! He got it when he gone to China last year!

Poor Pearly, sorry for tempting you with all those food! hehehe!

Dora, yes, I am trying to refrain Little gal from going near those smoking guys! Sigh! Still trying to get hubby quit smoking, very difficult task.

Linda,I love curry too! Yum yum! :)