Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun days

Guess what I am thinking of doing during the 2 days holiday? I am planning to have some fun with darling hubby at home. All right, not the type of fun I am talking (and I believe you are thinking the same too) but another type of fun! We are going to go online and hook ourselves into some online casino. We will be spending the whole day “hopping” from one casino to another, playing their online casino games from Black Jack, Slots, Craps and American Roulette. Thank god I have my parents-in-laws to look after little gal, so I would be able to have some personal times with hubby doing the things that we like.

So we will enjoy ourselves in front of the notebook, lazy in bed and play some online casino games and not thinking of the outside world! Yes! That is our plan for the holiday. What is yours??

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