Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rome girl

I was cooling myself down after a heated confrontation with a snobbish client. So to cool down, I just do the thing I like, i.e. blog hopping! So, I just knock the door of Dora and she has this interesting personality quiz in store for her visitors. :) She always have wonderful tags and unexpected surprises in her blog. As for this particular quiz, it shows which city in the world do you belong to and your personality trait. Want to know what city do you belong to? Try it out yourself!
As for myself, I am a Rome girl! I love Rome and hope that someday I would be able to visit its beautiful and ancient city. Now, where does that cappuccino come in? I am not a coffee lover, maybe I can sub with tea instead? *wink*

You're a big city soul with a small town heart

Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome

Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand

And gorgeous Italian people - could life get any better?


Zooropa said...

Hi this a French girl visits d Rome girl. Ciao!


PEARLY said...

hi dear

I also a ROME girl too and I am going tomorro will post you lot of picture when I am back xxxxxx

Rose said...

Hi Pearly,

What!!! You going to Rome?? I am jealous now. ;p But I guess it is convenient to go there from UK right?

Ok, enjoy yourself and yes, look forward to the photos! You are so good, tempting me with the pics! hahaha!

RaiNboW said...

Hi, I'm New York Girl. Hehe..