Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weekend Beach Retreat

I am day dreaming again. I just cant wait for the weekend to come. I want to rest, I want to stay in bed doing nothing (if I can help it), I want to have hubby cook lunch and dinner for me! LOL! Now you know why I said I am day dreaming……..

Hubby mentioned on going to the beach over the weekend for a BBQ. Wow! It has been ages I didn’t have BBQ and also going to the beach! I am sure little gal would be looking forward to this outing. The last time she had been to a beach, she was still learning to take her baby step. This time round, I am pretty sure she cant content herself. Imagine her running around and playing with the sands and water. :)

Alright, enough day dreaming. Firstly I hope I am well enough to go with the condition of my foot. So far my foot is doing well, but I would not want to exaggerate it. Secondly, I sure I would not have much rest this weekend! What else but to look after little gal. :p


PEARLY said...

Rose dear :
Don't Dream ok just go aheard to do it you have got 2 days to plan it and give it a go ask your hubby *let go to the beach for BBQ * pack and here the 3 of you can have fun . men always need us women to kick there bum to get moving so kick it and ask him to go and enjoy a lovely family out your little Janice will happy to run around the beach and play sand cattle .
have a lovely weekend my dear xxxx:P

Hye said...

Wow.. BBQ in a beach... love that.. wish I could go in a beach to have some fun too ;( It's summer already in my country and it's getting hotter.

Hye of Space of Reality

Patrick said...

The beach is always very good. I love the beach. I had a great time at Surfer's Paradise and I MISS THE BEACH..