Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Menu #7

We were very lazy to go out over the weekend, just hanging in the house watching television and playing with little gal! I still have sore throat and cough, so prefer to stay indoor over the weekend! It was warm day yesterday, such good weather to bring laundry out to dry under the hot sun!

Too hot that we don’t feel like going out for lunch. So hubby started to look through the fridge and check out any edible items that need to be cleared out fast! LOL! Nothing much to be cleared out as mostly have been consumed when my parents-in-law were around few days ago!

These pork patties were bought few weeks ago at Choice Daily. Hubby bought them and he totally forgets about them till yesterday. So, here we go again, rice-less lunch! Pork patties with eggs and potato salad. Potato salad is complimentary from Jen! Anyone interested in the recipe, please email her! Thanks Jen for the salad. It is full of potatoes and onion and I never get bored of them! LOL! Just that I don’t quite like the raw onion, as each time I burped, I have onion smell! Hahaha!


Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Thanks for posting the potato salad! I have a hate love relationship with the raw onions actually. I love them while I am eating the potatoes but after that, I hate them when I burp! haha

Nick Phillips said...

Oooo, those pork patties are making me drool ... they look yummy! And potato salad, I just love the stuff :D