Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Casino experiences

You know what? Suddenly I miss Chinese New Year!! It may been 1 month since Chinese New Year, but I still miss all the fun and excitement. I missed the home-cooked food, cookies, relatives and friends visiting us and all those gossips and catching up around the house! Just happy to be celebrating Chinese New Year in Kuching this time round.

Another thing that I miss about CNY is gambling! Unfortunately I didn’t get down to trying some luck on gambling this year. I remember in past years we would gather at a friend’s house and gambling till wee hour at night. A group of 6 – 8 people playing Black Jack. If more people, we will open 2 tables instead of 1. Talking about the excitement of winning some buck!

Not anymore since I am occupied with a young daughter. So guess what I do when I suddenly have an itchy hand?? I just go to Online Casino. It is one of the best online casino I have ever visited. I love to visit Rushmore Casino and click on its Black Jack. It is rated as one of the Top 20 reviewed online casinos and received good rating from players around the world.

So when you are bored or have nothing to do, why don’t just sign up with the online casino and indulge yourself on some casino experiences!

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