Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend's Menu #2

A totally no cooking weekend for me! Yeah, I were lazy, and didn’t want to think of what to cook and eat! Anyway, here were the menu of what I had over the weekend. I will only mention those food I feel they are good to be recommended or commented on my blog:


Rain, rain and more rain. Darling hubby felt like having some dim sum and porridge in the morning. So we went to The Banquet at Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli. The dim sum selection is available from 8am to 2pm daily.

Main entrance to The Banquet and in the dining area.

Darling hubby ordered garoupa fillet porridge (RM6.50). Look at the chunky fish fillets.

We ordered cheong fun with prawn filling (RM5.50), deep fried yam with scallop (R6.50), deep fried dumpling with salad sauce (RM6.50), and steamed Shanghainese dumpling (RM5.50). The breakfast is served with a hot Chinese tea (RM6.00 per pot).

We spent RM38.33 for the breakfast. For those that never been there, please be warned that you may feel insulted by the waiters and waitresses there. They either deaf or don’t understand what you are saying! You ask for this, they give you that! Mind you, most of their waiters and waitresses are non-Chinese, so there is some communication breakdown each time we gone there! Their services were slow too! It said open at 8am but nothing is ready by then, and we need to wait 15 minutes before been ushered into the dining area. Usually there will be an usher at the entrance to guide you in. As for the dim sum, nothing spectacular I have to admit. I just simply don’t understand why hubby love to go there, this was our 4th time! I guess he like the cooling ambience and can peacefully enjoy his hot tea while reading the paper?? As for the dim sum, not much choice, unlike those interesting dim sum in KL! Now I miss those authentic Cantonese dim sum, where been displayed and pushed around in carts by loud-voiced ladies! Hahahah!

For dinner, we went back to my parent’s house as I suddenly miss my mum’s cooking! *wink* Pretty home-cooked dishes, which were all my favourite!


We woke up around 7am, and little gal been our alarm clock, pushing and kicking us awake. Lately she been sleeping with us in our bed, as she wouldn’t want to sleep in her own bed! Guess she wants to tuck in the same bed with her dad and mum and enjoy smelling our body odor? Hahahah!

As we were pretty earlier, and darling hubby wanted to have a hair cut, we decided to go to Kenyalang Park for breakfast. Our favourite noodle stall, Ah Min Seafood Noddle at Lian Fung Garden coffee shop open pretty early, cater to those early birds and wet market goers. Its noodles finish before 12noon! Both of us ordered kolo mee and a big “cheng” soup. We like the soup, clear and tasty. Lots of “catches” in the soup too.

As for the evening, hubby cooked us an easy dinner, which I have to give my thumb up. I prepared the ingredients, he just cook them. We had stir-fried baby bok choy with anchovies, soy sauce pork belly and fried egg with onion. All hubby’s favourite dishes!

For soy sauce pork belly, I marinated them first with salt, soy sauce and cornstarch after slicing them in big cubes. When cooking them, just add some ginger slices into hot oil, and when you can smell the fragrant of ginger, add in the pork belly. Add a bit of water and let it simmer. Before dish them out, just drop few tablespoons of white wine!


bigfish_chin said...

Hi Rose' Word:
Food Food Food...
I miss all the Sarawak food a lot. Been there quite often before October... really like the Biling, Kon Low Mee...

Will have more to up date on my blog soon!


Billy's Mom said...

The food look sooooooo yummy!! I missed konlo mee, its my fav. And look at the pork belly, I am drooling now....yum yum yum!! Do you know how to make konlo mee? :-)