Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On holiday

I am now in Kapit Library (my mum-in-law's work place), checking on personal mails and blogging away! Phew! At least I am not cut off from civilisation! Hahahah!
There has been a landslide early this morning, as heavy rain since last night. Heard that one person died and two missing. The landslide happened near Kapit town, with fire fighters still digging for the missing two!
I arrived at Kapit on Monday evening, around 330pm, after 3 hours express ferry ride. It was a tiring ride, with little gal hardly get any sleep in the express. The ride was pretty smooth with occasional rain and strong currents.
Most of the shops closed during Christmas day, and we mostly went to my mum-in-law's canteen (she operated hospital canteen and work as a Librarian full time). Little gal was excited seeing lots of toys, candies and stuff for her to play around in the canteen. She nearly turned the whole canteen upside down! LOL!
I took lots of photos on Kapit scenery and other interesting stuff, shall share with my fellow bloggers and friends once I download them once reach Kuching next week! So, please bear with me!
Till then, see you all and Happy New Year 2008!

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bigfish_chin said...

Hi Rose,
Happy Holiday there in Kapit!
Happy New Year!