Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Prices shot up!

In today The Borneo Post's front cover, big headline stated "Pricier Wet Market Shopping"!

Prices for vegetables, and fish in Sarawak increased due to the monsoon season. All vegetables are mostly from Sabah, West Malaysia, Indonesia and China. Fish supply also slow down due to less fishermen going out to the seas due to high winds and rains.

Some of the local vegetables like kang kong (water morning glory) and bayam (spinach) have not been availalbe for a week. Vegetables such as bok choy increased from RM2.50 to RM6.00 per kg and long beans from RM2.00 to RM4.00 per kg!! Looks like we the consumers have to start to plant our vegetables in our garden!

As for fish, black promphet (Bawal Hitam) increased from RM12.00 to RM13.50 per kg! So are other fishes and shellfishes. We may also start to plough some ponds and rear fishes in them too!

Is this acceptable? It would definitely hurt the consumers much as we are paying more per kg! The amount of vegetables and fishes remain the same, but at higher price! We hope this situation wouldnt persist for that long. Let's pray we have brighter and sunny days ahead, and traders (farmers and fishermen) able to enjoy better produces, and consumers paying reasonable prices for their shopping.

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