Friday, December 21, 2007

Relaxing Thursday

I have a wonderful day yesterday without little gal around! Hahahaha! Now I feel guilty enjoying myself and sending little gal away at babysister's house!

As next week we would be going away for holiday, I have requested aunty (babysister) to help me look after her yesterday, and since she doesnt mind having her around, so I was pretty happy to have some time off to myself! *wink*. After a hearty breakfast of nasi lemak at home (see previous post), we went to Crystal Bowling Centre at BDC Shopping Complex for a game of 2! I havent play bowling since I met my hubby (which is 5 years since) as he is not keen on bowling. However, since his bank is having some bowling competition soon and they need to form a bowling team, so he asked me to join him for a game! After absence of 5 years, my bowling skill has never improved! LOL~ Kept "washing the drain" on several attempts. Nevertheless we have some fun, plus the pain on hand and fingers!!

After the game, we went to Star Cineplex to catch a movie! As I am a big fan of Will Smith, we went for his latest movie "I Am Legend". This is worth recommended movie (for Will Smith's fans) as once again, he is giving his 100% best performance. A lot of chasing and monsters roaming around, you get both thriller and suspense in your bone! The sound effect is great too!

My next movie would be Nicholas Cage's National Treasure!


Big Boys Oven said...

we were thinking of watching the same movie too!

Billy's Mom said...

Look like you guys had a great time, :-) My hubby is dying to watch that movie but he reluctant to go to the movie alone. Poor one!