Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lunch in Office & Thai Dinner

Look what I had for lunch yesterday! I were lazy to go out as the sun was mercilessly hot. I decided to have light lunch in my office instead. Some slices of oat rolled bread bun (bought from Wecare Bakery) with olive butter spread, Vono mushroom soup and a few mini mandarin orange. Healthy meal? At least it kept me full till evening. Hahaha!

The Vono soup could use more chunky mushroom cubes and parmesan cheese powder. I bought it actually because of its wooden spoon! Nice soup spoon. *wink* Taste wise it is enough to fulfil your desire for hot soup during cold day, but for more texture, I could cook some button mushroom cubes at home and bring it together with some parmesan cheese powder to the office to put into my soup when I feel like having it again.

Bear in mind that I seldom have “Western-style lunch” as I am a rice lover! I need to have rice for my lunch! However yesterday was an exception, maybe because of the weather that discourages me from going out to venture on some nice rice dish.

Anyway, I was pretty hungry when reach home last night around 7pm after went shopping with little gal, and thanks my lucky star, darling hubby treated me to Thai dinner. We gone to Pandan Thai Delight again. We ordered Ulam, Pandan Chicken and Sweet Beef.

I like the Pandan Chicken very much, it was juicy with some peppery taste. Served with sweet soy sauce. Sorry, we were too hungry that only when left one piece, did I remember to take photo of it! :p
The Sweet Beef is indeed pretty sweet for my taste bud, I dont quite like its sweetness. I prefer my beef to be cooked either with pepper or spicy herbs.
Overall the dinner is satisfying if not for little gal been very disobedient, messing up the table and throwing food around. Sigh! She is getting naughty, and we going to have hard time teaching her some table manner.


InspiredMumof2 said...

That is a healthy lunch! Oats are sources of fibres great for energy and digestion. And you described the thai dinner so deliciously good..must visit kuching someday :-)

Malaysian Delicacies said...
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Malaysian Delicacies said...

Thx for dropping by.I love Thai food too, yummy.