Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Eve @ Kapit

The most memorable Christmas Eve that i had, travelling from one town to another town. In a day, we travelled from Kuching to Sibu and then to Kapit! Within 6 hours. It was a tiring trip indeed, but the feeling of going back to celebrate Christmas is worth everything.

Sibu ferry terminal

How far is Kapit???

Along the riverbank

We reached Kapit around 3.30pm. My parent in laws picked us up from jetty. Luckily the rain stopped that time, otherwise it would be rather uncomfortable to disembark from the express ferry. After paying the jetty boys fee for helping us carrying our 2 big luggage bags to our car, we headed straight to MIL's canteen, which is less than 3 minutes drive.

Arriving Kapit terminal

Greeted by Ah Ma

Little gal start toying around

Little gal was excited seeing her "kung kung" and "ah ma", and also having lots of goodies and toys to play with in the canteen. We had our dinner in the canteen. Looks at what my MIL had prepared for us! Steamed prawns with eggs in wine, wolfberries kampung chicken soup, and China kai lan stem. Me and hubby had fried noodle instead of white rice! We were pretty hungry as we didnt ate much after nasi lemak for breakfast.

Christmas Eve dinner

After dinner, we went back to PIL's house (about 5 - 7 minutes drive from canteen) and start unpacking and refreshing ourselves. After bath, darling hubby want to buy some toiletries as we opt not to bring much this trip. So off we went to the town area. Little gal was very tired as hardly slept whole day, she dozed off when we went out.

After the shopping, hubby brought me to this hawker stall (set up in front of their house) for some Malay rojak. It is more like Indian rojak to me. They used satay peanut sauce for the rojak. Very tasty, that is all I can say. We shared the rojak since we have hearty dinner more than 1 hour ago.

After the supper, we went back just in time to welcome the carolling group. Every year, my PIL invited their church choir group for some carolling and prayer session on Christmas Eve. After the 30 minutes session, we went to bed and off for the day!

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Billy's Mom said...

Look like you guys had a great holiday. Grandpa/grandma must be sooo excited seeing their beautiful cucu. :-) Thank you for sharing. Beautiful pics too. :-)
By the way, your girl is a darling!
Happy New Year to you & family!