Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fun exercise for shaping

It has been 5 months since I started my aerobic regime. I try to go there twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and sometimes if I am in the exercise mood or nothing to do at home, I will join the Saturday class as well. My aerobic class and its workout range:

Tuesday – Aerobic stretching and toning
Thursday – Hip Hop or Belly Dance Aerobic
Saturday – Body sculpting aerobic (optional, sometime the instructor will teach what ever the participants requested, e.g last Saturday we did the Salsa dancing)

So far I have received positive feedbacks from friends and colleagues, commenting I losing weights and fitter. I hope that were their sincere feedbacks! *wink* However I personally feel I am losing some weights as I can wear all my old pants and tops back! Thank god!!

I know that all my hard work and persistent effort of rushing from work like mad woman and fighting those traffic jam to reach those classes paying well for me! So I shall continue doing my aerobic exercise…….It is fun, although once a while I feel exhausted because of the repetitive and fast steps. I am never a dancer myself, but after going to those dances aerobic, I can master few simple Latino, Mambo and Salsa steps. Not bad huh? However I still cant join those bootcamp dance competition! *wink* Whose know, maybe I will join a real dancing class soon to polish my dancing steps!

Initially I started doing aerobic to get away from those normal boring routine that I have before. Everyday after work, I will pick up my little gal from her babysister’s house and went straight home. Pretty boring for me! I feel like I have no personal time for myself. So, by joining aerobic, I can relax for 1 hour after work, a break from those bored routines, and not forgetting, meeting new people there too. Besides I did get my waist line back! So it is a good reason for me to continue this fun exercise.


Johnny Ong said...

at times u need to breakaway from the routine life by doing things u like to do. that way will relax yr mind thus having a fresher mind for tougher things later on, right?

chocolatte said...

Hi Rose,

I am interested to learn belly dance. I want to look for the classes in Kuching. I found your blog from google search. Where do you take up your lesson? So far, I know there is belly dance class in Hui Sing Gdn.

p.s. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Are the gyms in Kuching? Or classes like yoga/kick boxing in Kuching?