Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our Dream Home

My darling hubby told me this morning, that our new house would be ready by end of next year! Yahoo! Look forward to moving into our dream home. Now I can’t stop thinking of the furniture and fixtures for our house! I told hubby that I wouldn’t like too many furniture around as I hate doing all those cleaning work! *wink* I would prefer a practical and simple yet contemporary setting for a small family. Guess we are going to start scouting and surveying around for furniture next year!

We like the security, convenience and comfort that our new house portraits. It is in one of the few gated and guarded properties that can be found in Kuching. It has its own club house with gym and recreation centre for its residents. Their facilities also include outlay of greens and parks around the whole area which consisting of back alleys, pedestrian-friendly roads with low kerbs for leisure and accessibility. Nearby shop blocks and wet market are convenient for our shopping purposes.