Saturday, December 15, 2007

Actual Shopping Vs Online Shopping Experience

Hahaha! I found this comic strip very funny yet depicting the true fact in our life. With advance technology and accessibility to websites, more people tend to do online shopping. Websites such as and provide conveniences at a touch of your finger tips in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is browse around and when find the items you want, just click ‘add to cart’ and pay via credit etc. Isnt it a pure joy?!

However, don’t you miss those feeling of actually shopping around in a shopping centre and experience that “indescribable” atmosphere that actually can be found in shopping complex? Example, when the time where you need to queue up in long line to pay for your purchases, asking comment on how you look with that new dress, fighting with other customers on certain items on the shelf, trying out new digital camera and picking up those nice and aromatic cookies yourself? You are actually picking and feel your purchases with your hand. I don’t mind the long queue as I enjoy looking around and at people with all sort of funny and ridiculous expression and behaviour! With Christmas coming, it is also walking around and seeing those nice decorations around too. Like the comic character said “What! And miss the holiday experience?” Unlike online shopping, I am pretty sure I wouldnt have those holiday buying mood if I am to only see the products on the screen.

Furthermore with actual shopping, you can bring your family for a family outing or meet your old friends at some cafĂ© or bistro after shopping. You can actually shop, have fun, have a meal and even catch a movie with family and friends under a roof! Haven’t I marked my point clearly?

People just getting too “comfortable” and “lazy” to drive and shop around. Prefer to shop in their home instead. I am not against or criticize those people or the websites, mind you, just that I think we are missing something there! Human interaction! Hahaha! I will not give up the joy of going to shopping centre and enjoy myself trying all those clothing on the rack (at no cost, only at the expense of the sales persons’ precious time convincing you to buy!) I also enjoy spending time with my little gal, pushing her in the shopping cart while she busily picking up some stuff from shelves which is within her reach into the cart and I busy putting them back! I sure would miss that little moment if I do my online shopping, don’t you agree? *wink* I believe online shopping will and is to be a part of my life no matter how I ignore it! Just to what extent do I accustom to it in near future?

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