Friday, December 21, 2007

Hearty Breakfast

After dropping my little gal to her babysister's house yesterday morning, I went to Bread & Pastry at Green Heights to buy its nasi lemak for breakfast! I like its nasi lemak because of its fragrant coconut milk rice and sambal. The sambal is not that spicy (although I prefer it more spicy), but what I like about its sambal is its sour taste of tamarind in it! Very appetizing to me!

It is extremely big portion for breakfast. RM1.80 per pack. It wrapped in a cone-shaped brown paper. The breakfast last me till dinner time and I skipped lunch. Hahaha!

Hubby never tried the nasi lemak before, so thought I gave him a treat buying him one pack. His only comment is the egg! Quarter only, so little! So he cooked 2 more boiled eggs for his nasi lemak! I dont want to know his cholesterol level after taking those eggs! *wink*

Bread & Pastry opens from 730am every day, so for those who dont know what to have in the morning either at home or bring to office, you can have choices of bread, local kuih, pies, tarts and croissants for your breakfast there!

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