Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life is what we are

I am not sure about you, but as I am now in my 30s, I think that I am still learning to discover what life is all about…...

From time to time, I always encountered difficulties may it be in term of family, money, love, comfort things, friends, or works. I live a sheltered life throughout my childhood and teen. Both parents were pretty protective of what myself and my other 2 younger siblings doing or going to do.

Always been regarded as the more matured one among the siblings, my parents was not that worry about my doings. Neither did I consult them when I have problems or uncertainties. I always prized myself been about to solve and encounter those problems and uncertainties alone.
Thank god I was a learner in schools. After obtained my degree, I went into the working world, very green and not knowing what ahead of me. Luckily I got a nice job in property management. I have a nice manager and conducive working environment. I learnt a lot in the company on how to deal with customers, analyse individual, handle stresses. I have been in the same company for 8 years now! Hahahah! Guess it needs a stick to hit me out of the company *wink*

It is through the company, I met my loving husband. He wanted to rent a retail space from my management, and instead of not getting any offer, he offered me to a lunch date! So, that’s where we started dating, and that was in 2002! We married in 2005, and were blessed with a lovely daughter the year after.

I feel that I have much more to offer and achieved out of my life now that I am reaching my 30 milestone! However, I still believe that I have a lot more to learn in the coming future. I am still learning how to be a good wife and mother. I still learn how to look after my family, learn how to cook good food, learn how to bargain, learn how to judge a person. All this, I didn’t learn in school days or taught by my parents. This is through experiences and trials that I will keep learning from.

Life is starting to be more exciting and challenging for me. I am juggling between my family and job. Once a while it wears me off! Feel like shouting to the world and put some spells to stop the time for a second so I could have some breathing space! But life goes on! No magic can stop the time, but it is my positive thinking and eager learning that will keep me going.

I learn that life is too short to stay angry, sad or envy as we can never predict what going to happen tomorrow. I feel that in my 30 years on earth, everyday is a learning day for me. I learn new things, meet new people and get to know more aspect of life.
Life is what we are today. There may be ups and downs throughout your life, but the most important thing is that you are happy and have someone with you to share the happiness. What ever happen in the past, good memories shall be cherished and bad memories better are forgotten. Treasure the present, and unveil the future when times come! Life is too short to be dull and stuck to the same time, right? Walk your journey to the fullest!

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MamaBoK said...

Yes .. alot of positive thinking is needed in life.. .;)
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