Saturday, December 22, 2007

A holiday and a New Year resolution

I would be going away for a long holiday from 24 to 31 December. We are not going to any place fancy, just going back to hubby’s hometown (Kapit) for the Christmas holiday. We will take a 40-minutes flight from Kuching to Sibu, then 3 hours express ferry ride to Kapit. I hear that it has been flooded in Sibu for last week, and hopefully the flood does not get worse with weather broadcasted heavy rain and king tide this weekend.

Anyway, I would like to share with you my New Year resolution. Before I go further into the resolution, first I would like to review on what I have accomplished this year? Er……Hmm, not much I have to admit. Nevertheless I have finally done something that I have meant to do long time ago! By becoming a blogger, have my own blog under my authorship and joining a community of millions of bloggers from all over the world! Isn’t I have accomplish enough? *smile*

How time flies, 2007 is coming to an end pretty soon. I am looking forward to 2008. A new year, a new beginning! That means a New Year resolution, right?! Yeah, every year I must have a resolution, so I can act and have some goals to look at by end of the year. It is more like a wish than resolution to me! You need a wish to make things happen, right? So, what is your resolution for Year 2008? Hmm, I haven’t really thought hard about it, but I guess like previous years, it would be “I resolve to make my family and myself happy and in good health”.

I must be happy in what ever I do and accountable for my doings! I guess my “Happy” to-do list would include finding new job and moving to new house next year!! Besides that, I want my family to be happy at all time. We shall continue to respect each other and always make up after each argument. Be happy that we can sit down together, have meals together and enjoy doing things together! I guess that is what happiness is all about! I would love to see myself and my family always in happy mood!

And not forgetting I want to be in good health. Without good health, I cannot be happy and have positive thinking, right? So, I resolve to exercise more, eat healthy food and have good rest! I am going to continue going to my aerobic classes (thrice a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings). I will nag my hubby to go exercises too, he is over-weight for his height and age! Sigh! He is in a very unhealthy stage (red alert!). So, I am going to get him to go jogging every morning since he always complained that he does not have time and tired after work. Yes!

I resolve to cook and eat healthy and less oily food! I resolve to cook more for my family, and try to cut down on having meals outside. I went for my blood test early this month, and turned out my Bad Cholesterol Level (HDL) is 118 (normal, if <100).

So this is my new year resolution. How many do I have? How about yours?


bigfish_chin said...

Hi Rose' World, Merry X'mas and Happy New Year...
You going to Kapit eh? I know there's a kind of Fish(guess s'thing call EmpuLau)very famous and expensive. Dunno u have change to take the pictures or not...

PEARLY said...


U.Lee said...

Hi Rose, I wish you and family the best of seasons greetings, happy holidays and a very happy new year.
Have a good time and keep well, Lee.

janicepa said...

merry christmas and happy new year..

hope your new year resolution will come TRUE..

now where is mine eh ??

hellloo... weii weii..

Wind said...

Hi Rose - hope you will achieve your New Year resolution. Thanks for adding my blog onto your blogroll. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Billy's Mom said...

Hi Janice's mummy,
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and very happy new year!