Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snack - Loacker Quadratini

I tried the Loacker quadratini, Cappucino flavour. The coffee flavour was overwhelming and strong when I opened up the packet. For me, the biscuit tastes just nice and not too sweet.

Actually I am not a coffee lover, so I seldom buy any snacks with coffee coating/flavour. This Loacker is bought by my aunty from Singapore when she visited us last month. It has been on my shelf for more than 2 weeks! In the end, I decided to bring it to the office to be shared with my other colleagues. The funny thing is that my hubby and his family also didn’t like coffee stuff. Hahaha! I don’t want to waste such a nice snack, better share it with others that know how to appreciate coffee taste.

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afrknvylet said...

rose, you must try the dark chocolate. it is fab. the quadratini comes in several other flavors. perhaps the lemon would be more to your liking as well.