Friday, October 10, 2014

White fungus and gingko nuts chicken soup

I love this soup!! This is probably the easiest to-cook chicken soup. It is healthy and so easy to put together. It tastes great as well. Kids enjoy the sweet soup with no ginger and pepper taste at all.
I used kampung chicken which was less fatty. I can be lazy when it comes to cooking so I would try to save times in preparing my ingredients. So a pack of ready-to-cook gingko nuts was convenient to be used for this recipe.

White fungus (or snow fungus) is rich in gelatin so it will naturally thicken the soup. It believes to have health benefits similar to bird's nest. So no harm to consume it daily if you want that fair silky skin as well as good protein source. Buy the yellow one as it is unbleached.

Kampung chicken, chopped (1/2 portion)
Gingko nuts
White fungus, soaked and peel into smaller size
4-5 cups of water
Salt to taste

1. Scald the chicken with boiling water and drain.
2. Place chicken in a double-boiler or slow cooker, add in gingko and white fungus.
3. Fill up with boiling water. Double boil for 2 hours at slow heat. If in slow cooker, cook for 2 hours on auto mode.
4. Add wolfberries and salt to taste. Let it simmers for another 10-15 minutes.


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Thanks for sharing, will try out if not lazy...

Sharon D said...

This is lovely, Rose. You know how much I love using the slow cooker! ^.^ I've never added white fungus before. How long do we need to soak this? Thanks in advance.

Rose said...

Once it expands in size and turns soft. Few minutes.

Sharon D said...

Thanks, Rose 😊😚

Princess Ribbon said...

I like this recipe too but have to buy ready-to-use gingko as I'm very lazy if you ask me to break the shell and peel them, hehe..

ChrisAu said...

Nutritious and soothing !! I always love herbal soup !

mun said...

This soup must be so sweet naturally! Lucky children to eat nutritious homecooked food by your mommy!

Merryn said...

Looks easy and yummy. I love soups. Any soup. As long as it is soup... Yums!

suituapui said...

That looks really good. They say it has health benefits?

I wish they would sell the white fungus in small packets - I bought once...used once and there was a whole lot left over. I think in the end, we just threw it away. Occupied shelf space only. :(

Small Kucing said...

Very healthy soup. The white fungus is good for the lung