Monday, October 20, 2014

Home of good food (and dogs!)

Booked this place a week in advance. Heard from others that they served nice pizza so I brought along my sil and kids on Thursday night to try it out myself.

Contact numbers for reservation

Found their information from the internet but not much reviews from those who tried it.

It was not hard to find the place. We found it correctly at first turning.

Map of the home-based business

Just look for the "Husky for sales" stickers on cars parked in front of the semi-D house. 

The owners have so many Huskies around. And the friendly owner even shown us his pups and dogs. These 2 adorable pups are only a week old. And they are for sale!

Mostly  huskies but he has other breeds of dogs too. Like this dog, forgot to ask the owner the breed name. I think it is Chow Chow. He was just like a guard dog, stayed there watching over us.

Surprisingly all the dogs were very tame and quiet when we were there. The only time we heard them barked was when we were standing at the gate. After that all were quiet and mind their own business around the house or cages. The dogs were well trained and clean. My sil who is a dog lover could not help but pat and carry the pups. She nearly bought one!

Okay, the mouth-watering part is here. But firstly, let me introduce the owner cum chef, Josef in his kitchenette.

Cheesy pizza

I ordered 3 dishes that night. First one was its ham, capsicum and baby corn pizza. Our pizza was out from the oven and ready in 10 minutes time.

Never tasted baby corns in a pizza before but trust me, it was tasty. The pizza was good. I love the thin crust, the fragrant cheese that he used. My kids were enjoying it too. My girl helped herself to few slices. 

Lovely seasoned lamb chops!

Next was this super juicy and tender lamb chops. We enjoyed this very much too. The meat was well seasoned and the garlicky brown sauce was great as well. I think he added the oil from all the grilling to the sauce to have such tasty gravy.

Medium-cooked beef cutlet

Last but not least was this medium cooked T-bone steak. I seldom eat beef but I have to recommend this steak to you. It was delicious. It came in a big piece but I requested to be cut into smaller bite pieces for our conveniences. I like it medium cooked as I would not want it to be bloody red and raw. It came with a pepper sauce which was great too. Nothing goes wrong combining beef with peppery sauce.
Loved the baked potatoes too!

It was an enjoyable evening. The lady owner, a local was very friendly and we had a good time chatting with her while her hubby was busy in the kitchen preparing pizzas for take-away.

If anyone looking for a good Western cuisine, this private enclosure is a good choice. They have a table set up in their compound so a reservation is necessary. And of course they cater to take-away too. 


Princess Ribbon said...

Wow, everything looks so so so good! Pizza, lamb chops, beef cutlets, all good food.. I alone can finish the pizza and beef cutlets !

Coffee Girl said...

Oooo huskies! always wanted one for my nieces but dont think we'll have enough time and space for her. So we'll just love them from afar. :-) Pizzas look good tho!

suituapui said...

Hey! They've kept the old name - the one they used for their pizza palour.

Oh??? Everybody tells me about the dogs but they're all small dogs - will keep to themselves, stay quiet eh? Maybe I would consider dropping by and try then - I imagined them to be those huge and fierce dobermans or boxers and the like. Eyewwwww!!!! Scary!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Loves the dogs, hehe...

mun said...

What a unique place to have pizzas. I thought the word dogs in your title refers to hot dog but you are talking about real dogs!

ChrisAu said...

Woah .....I will love this place. All my favorite foods like pizza , beef and lamb chops. All looks so good !

Linda said...

Rose, the lamb chops looks delicious! I think you're right, that dog is a Chow Chow. Lovely dogs, nice ambiance, good! Thanks so much for sharing, dear, and I am so glad you enjoy the gags I post. :)

Yee Ling said...

Yummm...i love the pizza. The furry kids must have been very lucky to have good food from the chef too.

Small Kucing said...

food there must have been impeccable. Have to book one week in advance ya.

trishie said...

The food looks really good! Must have been fun for the kids to meet and pat the dogs too

Emily Tang said...

i like dog n pizza
but i cant put them together
for hygienic purpose
but it will be a great experience dining there as the pizza prepared by an ang moh


Merryn said...

The food looks good but not too fond of those dogs no matter how cute they are. He handles the dog and prepares the food. Urm...