Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Across the road

Other than all the fun they had during holidays, they did not neglected their school works. My girl for instance still needs to submit her weekly book reading report. So I brought her to library to borrow few books for her BM reading.

The library was packed with children, as expected it was school holiday. My girl did her report while me and the boy browse around.

After did some writing and borrowed 3 books, we went to a coffee shop that was just across the road. I preferred to park next to the library and cross the road to the other side as not easy to find parking at that side.

Never been here before so it was our first time here for lunch.  Thought it is a halal shop but apparently it is not.

Oops! I did it again! I never could resist rice for lunch! *wink*

Saw this dish in the menu so I ordered this braised vinegar pork trotter to try. Not bad considering this dish is not so common in the menu. Like the vinegar taste, it was just alright with a bit of sweetness.
Look how black the trotter was that I gave up shooting it after a couple attempt!

My girl had its American breakfast which looked decent enough.

The boy on other hand also not interested in the rice dish so he had this simple egg and ham sandwiches.

It was very warm day so I had its cold bean mung soup
My favourite dessert

 While the kids each experiment with iced milo and milo dinasour drink!
2 different milo chocolate drinks

Overall our lunch bill came up to RM28.20! So, okay or not?


Princess Ribbon said...

Price ok, most important kids happy, haha.. I like that breakfast set and sandwiches, and the milo shakes..

Ez Vina said...

wah.. a visit to library!

Small Kucing said...

Good for them to get use t library :)

Aha...my first taste of milo dinosaur was in sibu

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves Amercian breakfast...

ChrisAu said...

That's a great moment to spend with your kids. First to library then to makan. The food looks good.

suituapui said...

Sandwiches look good, will drop by for tea one of these days. I love vinegar pork leg too - must try the one here...soon.

Sharon D said...

What a great post, Rose. I haven't been to the library in ages! Sure brings back memories.

trishie said...

I think that's pretty good! Now I'm craving an iced milo

Hayley said...

Price is ok I think.

Milo dinosaur drink? Interesting~

mun said...

I think the price is ok. Good that you make full use of the local library with your children.