Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Unwind after a day

After a long day, I am looking forward to relax in my own room with radio playing my favourite songs. Today is no exception, but when I reached home, the first sound I heard was my neighbour playing his musical instrument. Oh boy! He and his drum instrument. He is a new neighbour that move in about two months ago. I was complaining about his music beating (it sounds like beating than playing to me) to hubby but nothing has stopped him from continue with such noise pollution. Everytime he is playing, it sounds like hitting the drum madly without any rhythm at all. It sounds like he is releasing his frustration on the drums instead. Hmm, what a way to unwind, don't you think? Luckily the playing last only 1 hour.

I seldom go out at night. Most of the time after picking my little gal, I would be heading back home, have my dinner and get ready the room for the night. So a way to release stress and chill out would be listening to songs and music. I love listening to the radio after back from work every day. It is a soothing music to my ears when I tune into my favourite radio channel, Lite FM. The best music from today and yesterday, that what its tag line said. I love to listen to the oldies and the 80s era songs especially from Abba and Air Supply.

I only have preference of listening to Lite FM in the evening while I am relaxing in bed reading novel, playing with little gal or cuddling cozily with hubby. On other times, I would tune to Mix FM, especially while I am on the road. I used to love Richard and Shaz during the breakfast show, but Pietro and Serena C’s show is entertaining too. Always make me giggle with their funny antics.

So which radio channel do you like to listen to? Who is your favourite artiste or group?


Nessa said...

Lite FM is definitely my favorite :) Once in a while I tune to Hot FM to listen to Malay/Indonesian songs.

Have a great week, Rose!

Rose said...

Thanks Nessa. So do you~