Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Buns for dinner

Hubby usually returns home around 9pm every weekday. Most of the times, he will has his dinner before heading home, so I would need to take care of my own dinner. It is impractical to cook for one and I am lazy to eat outside, so I will usually buy bread, cook instant noodle or make simple meal for dinner. There go my resolution to be healthy this year. *laugh*

For last night, I were having buns for dinner. Big pau from Foochow CafĂ©, Jalan Padungan. RM5.00 for my buns, the smaller one is chicken with egg bun (RM2.00) and the big one is pork with egg bun (RM3.00). If you are wondering how big the bigger bun is, the diameter is 12cm. Big or not? 1 is enough for me, but I am greedy. Of course I couldn’t possibly finish both buns, luckily I have little gal to help me with them.

With RM5.00, I can order Chinese economy rice with 1 fried drumstick, 1 meat dish and 1 vegetable but once a while, I am bored of eating the same dishes. I usually take away from the same stall near to my work place.

Jen, these pics are for you. Missing those big paus?? :)


Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,

DROOL!!!!!! You are making me more determine to make the siaw lung pau this weekend! I miss those big pau!! Maybe I shud ask my aunt to tapau from Kch for me when she is here this Thurs? hahaha!!
But I think there are big pau here too but I just need to find out where!

Billy's Mom said...

The pau looks yummmmmy!!! Yes, I missed those huge pau....hihi!

Dav DiDi said...

I ate pau yesterday ... missing the smell of pau tooo...