Friday, August 29, 2008

Women's world: wardrobe and shopping

I have been throwing away many things over the past few days; loose papers and broken toys, and storing away my and little gal’s old clothing and items. Oh boy, I never realize that a bedroom of around 200 sq ft sure can store many things around.

My wardrobe is still a mess. Some old clothing that I cannot fit in have been discarded away or sealed in boxes just in case I want to wear it in future. After all those throwing and organizing, my wardrobe is still a mess. Maybe it is high time to stop buying new clothing? LOL! I don’t think I can resist new clothing but it is blessing in disguise as Mega Sales is almost coming to an end! I cannot rest my eyes on my credit card statement as I know I have overspent last month as well as this month.

Talking about wardrobe, I have never knew that my gal’s wardrobe is getting out of hand as well. It is not really a clothes cabinet. We used an office cabinet (from hubby’s old office) and turn it into her clothes cabinet. She has so many clothes and stuff that I told hubby we may need to consider getting her a new wardrobe. Blame on mummy who cannot resist buying new dresses and shoes for her during the Mega Sales. Don’t all mothers agree? Some more she is a girl who tend to be more pampered. She has a lot of hair accessories, bags, shoes and other accessories to go with her wardrobe. Life is too good for our children, they simply are spoiled and pampered, don’t you think? But they worth it.

My gal's clothes cabinet. It also stores her other stuff and feeding tools.

Now that she is older, little gal started to choose her own clothes. She only wears what she approves or chooses. Even when we go shopping, I need to ask her whether she likes that dress or not. If the answer is “no”, you couldn’t possibly force her to wear that dress if you buy it. She even want to look like her mummy, putting on nail polish, make up and comb her hair in front of the mirror. *faint*

Does your children bawl or scream when you don’t buy the things they want in shopping centre?? Thank god my gal hasn’t behaved like that and I do hope that she would not become a spoil brat too. I met a mother and her son in a department store the other night. The son wanted a toy and the mother kept saying “no”. And you know the rest of the story right? The whole store filled with his scream and cries. And the mother embarrassingly has to drag her son along as she hasn’t finish shopping. Hmm, what to do if you are in this situation? How to soothe a hard-headed child that only take "yes" for an answer?

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Zooropa said...

Oh yeah Rose, you gotta buy ur gal a bigger wardrobe for her own stuffs! Agree that gals will always have more things than boys, hehehe...

Happy Merdeka Day!