Saturday, August 30, 2008

What is wrong with it this time?

For the umpth time, I am having problem with my CPU! AGAIN! I have lost count the time my CPU falling sick!

I was online booking my flight with Air Asia and want to print out the itinerary. Then I remember I need to install the printer as it was not connect to the CPU. But I couldn’t connect to the printer as the printer itself is uninstalled! Brother! I couldn’t find the CD for the printer so in the end I did not print out my itinerary.

I switched it off and then I remember that I need to check an important email. So, you know the rest of the story. A message just popped out and it said something like this “Your computer cannot restart as the following file is missing or corrupt: system32\config\system”.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I don’t find the computer dealer helpful and it takes them ages to have one problem solved. And I definitely not look forward to send my CPU back to them! Sigh!

I was chatting with Jen using Window Live Messenger and pour out my "grievances" to her. She advised me that the hard disk is probably unstable and need re-formatting. Meaning that it has to go back to the dealer! Oh no! I am betting how long this time round would the dealer takes his sweet times to re-format it!

We know that it has some problem as recently when we watched DVD using the computer, half way through the movie, it will jam and we need to re-start the DVD. Probably it is really unstable and need some checking through again.

Whatever it is, the whole thing would not dampen my holiday mood. Worse come to worse, we just send to the dealer, and we still have our laptop to survive. Hope you guys had a better Friday than I did! Anyway, I enjoyed my Friday night last night, having a date with my girlfriend. We had a dinner then catch up with hubby and his friends for a few rounds of drinks so I overslept this morning. When was the last time I ever wake up this late in the morning?? *wink* Thank god little gal is at nanny's house, she stayed overnight there. Mummy need a break so little gal has to stay there to let mummy out once a while. LOL. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Merdeka everyone! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

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Dav DiDi said...

Errmmm .. if not mistaken, you say that you bought the PC in saberkas .... is it at 3E ??

I bought once and all I can say is they are good sweet talker but just a dummy in debugging .. i get pretty frustrated and will never go back there again ...

i agree with jen..ur computer is having prob with hard disk ..if not mistaken the prob you got is due to the is either faulty or not connected properly..but forgot which one liau .. hehee... already return back what i learn to my lecturer...

if it's still in warranty, get it back to the dealer .. and if the dealer is not helpful , get it back to the main dealer (example, if it is NEC, bring it to the main branch of NEC but the time taken for them to repair is super long time .. as they need to check on the warranty , etc etc..mine sent to NEC for 1 mth and they call me when it's fix)