Friday, August 1, 2008

What's in store this month?

7 months have gone down the calendar, with 5 more months to go in 2008. Wow! I must be anxious, as I am counting the days especially this month.

I believe everyone around the world is counting the days to 080808. What an auspicious number for the Chinese. It means luck and wealth, so I guess I must buy those 6-D see whether I have luck this month. And yes, that date is actually marking a historical sports calendar in China with launching of Beijing Olympics Games. After the 2 tennis’s Grand Slams that held in June and July (which I were rather disappointed with the results, reason being my favourite player lost on both Finals), I am looking forward to this sports event. Just want to see how well China performs in preparation for such big sports event.

August is also the 7th moon of Chinese calendar. I believe you know what that mean right? One of the not preferred months of the year, it is what we called the ghost month. Coincidently the 1st day of 7th moon falls on 1 August, so we will be having the Chinese All Soul’s Day on Friday the 15th. There will be praying to the deceased and burning of incense around on that day. Usually weddings or special occasions would not be held throughout the 7th moon as it is not an auspicious month.

Growing up in a Chinese family that holds highly on old belief and practices, I had always been receptive to ghosts. I have never seen or encounter one (sorry, not that I want to) but I enjoy watching and reading ghosts or supernatural movies and stories. I believe in those things. I believe in their existence. I believe that there are some forces that we cannot see or explain but they exist for a reason. Boy, now I sound like the detective in the X-Files movie. Do you believe that they exist?

August also mark a special month in me as nearly 31 years ago I was born in August. I may be turning 31 years old soon but I don’t feel 31 years old at all. I am still very much doing the same things like when I were in my 21, minus the clubbing and partying of course. *wink* I may have married and have children of my own, but I still don’t feel like 30 plus year old woman. I still enjoy reading those teen magazine (my range has expanded to female, parenting and health magazine now) and romance novel. Once a while, I miss going to KFC and McDonald’s and buying those seasonal toys. Gosh, now I feel very immature. *laugh*

Exactly a day after my birthday, I will be leaving my current job. Some friends have been inquiring on my choice of career and I have to say they are pretty surprise on my decision to venture into sales and service line. *wink* I guess they never expected me to move into something so different.

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