Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where is my fashion sense?

When were the last time you ask your man how you look in that nice black dress?? Or how that yellow top fit you?? If the outfit is too revealing, my hubby will directly said the outfit is not fit. Not that I am not fit, but the outfit does not fit me!!

When we dated back then, as my boyfriend, he did not mind me wearing revealing outfit. Guess the ego and show-off part are the reason. Immediately after we registered in 2004, the husband instinct comes in. He started to comment on my wardrobe. Initially I didn’t mind since he was into fashion line that time. I bought (and got free) most of my clothing from his boutique. You can said I am sashaying his clothing line along the way. I have to thank him because not him, I would not be adventurous and trying other colours like yellow, turquoise and purple. My wardrobe used to be full of blue, black and white only.

Of course, me having my own fashion style, we do get into some argument but nothing serious. Slowly, I accepting the fact that when I go shopping, I would not bring hubby along, because he starting to give non-constructive comments which I find it unreliable. I prefer to go shopping alone or with my friends who can give me an honest opinion! And guess what! I went to The Spring this afternoon with my friend (ex-colleague) for lunch and shopping. It was fun to have some window shopping with her. I bought a pair of office shirt and a new court shoe at Padini Concept Store. :)

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