Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Kuching Day

Have you been to the Kuching Festival?

Well, I have been there. It started over the weekend and hubby has a booth there. We dropped by last night, checking on hubby's staff around 9pm.

It was jam as usual and packed with crowds. We parked our car across the road, right in front of Kurnia Insurance office. The walking distance is about 5 minutes to the venue. It was a cooling night as rain the whole afternoon yesterday, so it was a nice walk to the festival venue. Thank god the rain stopped, giving way for the Kuching Fest which started around 6pm.

We spent almost 1 hour at the booth. Nothing fancy about this year festival, as almost the same set up and agenda like every other years. Food, fun fair, stage performance and other booth exhibition. From the distance, we could hear some Indian songs, much to my amusement. Sorry, Sorry, I seldom hear Indian songs in Kuching as Indian is consider minority group in Sarawak so it was rather weird listen to one in Kuching Fest. Again, I guess the important issue here is integrity and unity, everyone is under the same nation regardless of race and religion. I took some photos with Sony Ericsson handphone but the photos turned out rather dark.

We just browse around the booths after that, did not buy or eat anything as we have our dinner at home earlier. Food is not that cheap at the festival too. Most prices are marked up but varieties are there.

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Dav DiDi said...

I went there too .. nothing much this year.. but i like the garden ...