Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sleep like a baby

Tomorrow is a working day. I have been on leave for 3 days (actually I did not work since Saturday, so total 5 rest days). I am very relaxed and enjoyed my time with little gal. Most of morning after breakfast at nearby coffee shop, we went to my parent’s house. You can say we “tumpang” (pooling) over there but we did not get complaints or rejection from my mum so I guess she is more than happy to have us as companions.

We spent most of the time watching Olympic Games on tv. Of course once a while help my mum with the kitchen chores, but mum being mum, she never likes having someone in her kitchen.

After lunch, we went back for afternoon nap. Throughout the 5 days I have been sleeping for almost 2 hours in the afternoon with little gal. She sleeps I also sleep. I think I am getting lazier too. You can’t blame me for been one as I have all the times in the world.

Maybe because of seldom taking afternoon naps, I could not sleep at night. On Sunday night (must be my body knew that I do not work on Monday), I only manage to doze off after 12midnight! Guess what? I went to bed around 10pm, so I have been turning and tossing for almost 2 hours. In between I woke up to read a book, but it makes things worse for me. Or the disappointment of Lee Chong Wei, our national badminton player lost to China’s Lin Dan makes me loses my sleep? Not that I am betting on him okay?

Alright, let's get back to the topic of my post. Sometimes I can be long-winded till I forget what I am suppose to write about. It is kind of funny to say someone is sleeping like a baby when that person sleeps soundly without waking up at night. With a baby of my own, I find this English idiom is contradicting. A baby at young age tends to wake up most of the times and frequently at night for feeding and changing. Babies would cry almost every hour to be fed and changed. I wish I would be able to sleep soundly at nights and would not wake up unfreshed and tired the next day. Like a baby, I have the tendency of waking up at nights to go to the washroom, sometime up to 5 times! I do not feel refreshed the next morning even I hit the bed very early. The longer I sleep, the more tired I am. Because I simply have to wake up at night. And more hours of sleeping does not contribute to healthy body too.

Not that I want to, but it have been like this since I was small. Seldom have a good night sleep unless I am sick. I wish I could sleep like a log instead. Do you have a sleeping problem?? Do you wake up oftenly at night?

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