Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 tsp of oats

For those with cholesterol problem and concern about their health, following tip may be useful and worth trying. I got this tip from a friend and thought it is worth sharing with you. I have yet to try it so I cannot give my feedback to you. Anyway, I am not an oats lover, only tasted it when I was pregnant and that was 3 years ago. *wink* Anyone tried this method? Does it work?

Try 3 tea spoon of oat (require the cooking type and not instant type,preferably organic) and dissolve with drinkable room temp. water and soak overnight. (you could do it before you go to bed) Drink them all the next morning before your breakfast. It's quite nice to drink as it's already soft. Try everyday for 3 months and check your cholesterol, it should come down significantly. Many had tried and found that it works and cost effective with no side effect, if you are taking medication you can try too but don't stop the drug until you achieved good result and doctor say so. Cooked oats especially instant are very slow to reduce cholesterol, eating raw is better absorption and more effective.


spymama said...

Rose, it is true about how Oats help to reduce cholestral level. Because Spypapa had cholestrol problem. We didn't go through the trouble of soaking the oats overnight. But we bought the usual Quaker (cooking oats) and cooked in in water (need longer cos its not instant) and he took it for about a little more than a month. It helped a lot cos this was nurses recommendation also.

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cheerios to you Rose.

Hazel said...

oh, i haven't try this method nut i don't like oat the taste is so strange others nicer oat or not?

Rose said...

Thanks Spymama for the info.

Rose said...

Hazel, I also never like the taste and smell of oats.