Friday, August 22, 2008

How about this pose?

Once a while I love to take self-portrait in front of mirror in the room and bathroom. When ever I am bored I will take out my camera (since I lost in early this year) or borrow from my SIL and experiment with photography. Before little gal came along, I would take photos of myself (just say I am a bit of an obsession of myself, okay? *wink*) Now I am taking most photos of little gal, ask her to pose around. She has become my loyal model for the past 2 years and so without much complaint.

I came upon Mamabok’s blog the other night and find her uniqueness of self portrait. So been loved to be photographed, I tried my hand of Mamabok’s pose which is rather fun. I follow exactly Mamabok’s step and the result is like this. Hey, Mamabok, hope you don't mind I copy as I don't want to be sued for copyright! *laugh* What do you think of this pose? Look alike to Mamabok's? Why don’t you judge for yourself. *wink* And don't forget to try the pose out too!!! Just make sure you don't obstruct the traffic or don't mind the driver in the next car looking at you.


MamaBoK said...

Heheheh!!! awesome..!!! i'm gonna have a blog ..for just this. :) chloe.. asked me.. when she saw your picture.. on your blog.. "mum is that you .. over there...??" muahahahhahhhaha!!!!

Rose said...

Mamabok, ok ok! But my gal said you look like her aunt (my sis-in-law) when she saw your photo. Got some similiarities there! ;p

MamaBoK said...

Muahahhaha!!! i must be the pretty aunt eh..???