Friday, August 15, 2008

Feast & Friday

Time really flies fast. Without me realizing it, it is already middle the month. In less than 2 weeks I will be leaving my company.

We had a farewell lunch today at The Banquet. About 20 minutes drive from our office. I have been to The Banquet for its dim sum for breakfast, but never try its lunch and dinner. We had its All-You-Can-Eat Ala Carte promotion, around RM30.00 per person. Check their website out. Overall, the food portion is just nice for 5 of us. Presentation is great and so is the taste, although some of the dishes overly flavoured for our taste buds. I enjoyed my lunch very much and it was wonderful to share it with my colleagues. When it comes to food, everyone is always in their jovial mood; joking and chatting from food, family to happenings around Kuching.

Mini abalone

Look at my bowl of shark fin soup

Steamed Tilapia ala Hong Kong

The first 6 dishes are compulsory, but you can change to other dishes. Then you can order other dishes from their impressive menu as much as you want!! As it said, you can eat all you like!! We ordered additional 4 dishes, namely hot & sour Midin, stir fried venison, deep fried eel, and jelly fish with baby octopus. Not forgetting our 2 desserts dishes. Total 12 dishes.

Deep fried eel

Prawns with curry leaves

Deep fried soft shell crabs

As for dinner, I had my seafood fried rice around 8pm something. Delicious but sinful right? I don’t know about my blood test result, but judging from the amount of seafood that I had today I bet my cholesterol level would not be of satisfactory result. Need to fast tomorrow morning as I am going to do my medical check up.

Another event worth mentioned here is our Number 1 national shutter, Lee Chong Wei is through to Final and expected to play against Lin Dan from China. It is going to be a good match for both as Lee in bid for 1st gold for Malaysia and Lin having the ground advantages. I watched Lee's semifinal this evening and I was a bit disappointment with his performance, especially in 2nd game. He is having a kind of lapse and lose of concentration from time to time? Hope he is in good form this Sunday and gives his best for himself and the country!!!


U.Lee said...

Hi Rose, you leaving for a better posting?
Wow, I love the dishes here...really mouth watering.
Love the dried soft shell crabs...but never tried it before....yet.
And prawns with curry leaves? I love that, bet it smells good too, huh?
You have a great week and keep well, best regards to your new future, Lee.

Joyce said...

wow, makes me hungry lar!!

Rose said...

Thanks U. Lee. Yeah I am leaving end of this month!

Joyce, oops, sorry for making you hungry. :p

Dav DiDi said...

try the butter prawn... I love it!!

janicepa said...

i saw this post.. made me salivated dy !!!..