Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beating "dub dub" very fast

Have you ever wake up in middle of the night finding your other side of the bed empty? Notice your other half not home yet, and it is way late at night. Would you start to worry about his where about and wondering if he is fine?

When ever I find that my hubby is not home yet, I will start to think something not right, why he shouldn’t be back by now and what if something really happen to him? I thought I can hear my heart beating fast in the silence of the night. I will call his handphone. It would be a relief to hear his voice on the phone, but what happen if he did not answer phone or call goes into voicemail? I would be frustrated and worry even more. And I start to think something happen to him. And the next thing I know I couldn’t fall asleep. And hubby will just dismiss it saying I am been too paranoid, over-reacted and worry for nothing. Shouldn’t I as his wife worry about him?


Zooropa said...

You are absolutely normal with such reaction/feeling. Do ask ur hubby to give u a call informing u if he'll be late home or at least send u SMS. I have experienced this exactly before then I told hubby what was in my mind & my feeling. So, he surely call me if he comes home late.

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Nick Phillips said...

That's only normal Rose. My wife will always wait up for me if I have to work late and I'll always keep in touch through sms so she doesn't have to worry so much. It's a sign of how much you love that person, that's why you worry :D