Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She has more freedom

My SIL has finally resigned from her current company and last Friday was her last day at work. She will start her new job next month. Don’t know who follow who, but it is coincidence that both of us resigning from our respective companies this month.

My SIL is a very independence woman and loves traveling and outdoor activities. She can travel alone from one city to another. Just recently she went to KK to meet up with few friends. When she feels like it, she can just buy the ticket online and pack her bag instantly without much thought. Me and hubby have got used to her style. When weekend comes, she will just disappear without a trace and few hours later (usually when she is at the airport to catch a flight) she will leave a SMS or call to tell you when she is heading.

SIL gone back to Kapit over the weekend for a week. Missing her hometown and the fresh air, she said. *laugh* She will be coming back to Kuching on 15 August before heading to Sydney, Australia with few good friends on 21 August. Wow! She really enjoyed herself before starting afresh in new company. Guess it is easier to do what you want when you are single and with no commitment in your hands, don’t you think so?

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Zooropa said...

Yeah, I can do whatever I like without giving much thought b4 I married.