Sunday, August 24, 2008

DVD day

It is a nice Sunday! Rained and cooling morning, but afternoon the sun is coming out. It is also a family day! Yeah, we declare Sunday as family day where hubby will not go out and stay with us. Almost 6 days a week he will be busy with work and meeting clients, so Sunday is an off day and everyone get together. *wink*

Morning sky - see that plane flying away?

So, what do you do on your Sunday??? For us, we have our usual breakfast, then I cooked lunch in the afternoon. When was the last time I cook a meal?? Hmm, I can't remember the last meal. Somehow my cooking is turning rusty, chicken soup a bit oily (I forgot to seive the oil) and the vegetable too chuncky (I lazy to cut the stems into small pieces). Lol! And the beef kebab?? I dont know because I didnt taste it at all. But I think it is half cooked from the look of the colour. Still havent acquire to the taste of beef.

After lunch, we squeezed ourselves in the room catching some movies and taking afternoon nap. Hubby and little gal has not woke up from their beauty sleep, so I take the opportunity to go online and same time, update my blog! And not forgetting visiting some friends' blog as well.

Afternoon sky - nice clouds!

I said it is a DVD day today too!! We no longer went to cinema to catch movie now adays, as we prefer to buy DVD and watch in the cozy of our room. Not to mention we can drink what ever we want and stop the movie half way when ever we need to!! Look at how many hubby bought today! We already watched 2 DVDs today, namely Red Cliff starring Tony Leong and Big Stan starring Rob Schneider. Tonight we are going to watch Hell Boy II! Oh boy, there are so much things to do in one day, I think 1 Sunday is definitely not enough! Definitely not enough to finish watching all those DVD! LOL! We are going to turn into couch potatoes soon.....


janicepa said...

hahaha... HOME is the most comfy place on earth ... hahahaha... going out need to spend $$ mah .. stay home better.. the dishes look tempting.. dun worry .. cant eat oso can see..

Nick Phillips said...

Nothing beats spending the day at home on a nice cool afternoon :D Save money too ... hehehe

nyumix said...

Thanks for visiting me, Rose..happy belated birthday for you too :)