Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swearing and sighing are not a part of me (before)!!

It is getting out of hand. It is not my nature to swear or sigh but lately I am getting cranky with works and family. When I get cranky, I started to feel irritated even by tiny things.

Everything I do does not seemed right, or I easily forget this and that. God!! I even started to swear. Telling you the truth, I seldom swear in my whole life (alright, frankly speaking I can count my fingers, and it is not up to 10 times I use any vulgar words). Just say that I am a decent and educated woman that do not swear at other people. I do have colleagues and friends that for them, swearing is part of their vocabularies. You would lose count of how many times they use bad languages in front of you.

My colleagues even started to comment that I have been sighing a lot lately. Good or bad sighing, but it is still sighing. I did not realize it till my colleagues pointed it out to me. When I am happy, I heave a relieved sigh. And when I am not or under pressure, my sighing is becoming like a groan. The worst part is that I even write the word "sigh" (indicating a sigh from me) when I write an email or type a SMS. Oh dear, I need to be careful, don’t want it to turn into a habit.

I remember that when I was small, my dad would scold me for sighing as he said sighing is not for girl. It considers improper for girls to sigh. I still remember my dad's words till today. Sigh! Oh no, here I go again. Heave a sigh of relief that I have finally come to the end of this post. Time to get some sleep too. Tomorrow is another working day. So, sleep tight, everyone. *Sigh*


Sue Sue said...

Hahaha.. sigh. Not only you that used that word frequently but me too. Sigh.

Hazel said...

yalor, me too feel boring for my duty everyday. so tiring

Nick Phillips said...

Well, the good news is, tomorrow is Saturday :D So, cheer up.