Saturday, June 7, 2008

What is that noise??

What would you expect when it is a holiday or weekend? Relaxing day in my dictionary. But not anymore with a new neighbour moving in earlier this month.

God, not only is the new neighbour (young couple) unfriendly, they also create some noise in the used-to-be-quiet neighbourhood. It happened this morning when I woke up by a loud music. Yes, the neighbour was playing his drum instrument. Early in the morning. What an inconsiderate guy!! My sis-in-law commented that for the past one week, it has been on and off almost every day! Is this guy practise for some contest or what??

The music (or should I said a noise pollution?) continue for almost an hour. Then it happened again this afternoon when I tried to take my afternoon nap. Sigh! Instead of getting my sleep, I having a headache from the noise and lack of quality sleep. Oh boy, I do hope that this will not continue. I have asked hubby to be friend to the new neighbour and maybe can hint them on not making too much noise.


PEARLY said...

wooo you got lot of bargain huh !

I went over to read JEN post too . all those lovely food ....mmmmmyumm
last time I went back to Malaysia my best friend annie also live in 1 utama and she bring me to eat at the one of the local food shop and the fry ho fun is real good I went and have it daily haha , there do have lot good food in that area , I love to shop in PJ .
see u have enjoy yourself preety much weldon gulxxxxxxxxxxxx:)

Sue Sue said...

I think you should go and hint your new neighbour la. I understand the noise could be quite irritating.

Zooropa said...

I think the problem could be solved when u moving to ur new hse later right? Check out a tag for u:-

Happy Dumpling Festival!


Hazel said...

i do hate noisy neighbour, like my neighbour, will always hooted their horn every time they come back.

janicepa said...

can call the police o not ?? ask the police to warn them la

Wind said...

Shame! I hope that your neighbour will behave themselves. I remember I lived with a bad flatmate(s) before and it was a nightmare!