Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blackout in kuching

There was some interruption to electricity supply for Kuching city this evening. It happened around 7pm and stretched till around 830pm. We just got our electricity back. Phew!

We were actually watching live telecast of Olympic Swimming event when suddenly we were deprived of the power supply.

Little devil touches the glow-in-the-dark horn. Are they real, she thinks...They are for the Halloween party in October

Gosh! It seldom happened in the area we stayed and it was agony as the weather was hot and with candles lit in the house. While waiting for the return of the eletricity, at least we have someone to entertain us in the dark.

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janicepa said...

the news say will likely happen again wor...

prepare torch lite.. fast..

and dun be cranky liao... i know is it easier said then done.. kekee...