Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend Menu #61: Pork belly and bean curd stir fry

Another cooking weekend. What is on your menu tonight? 

No, this is not in my menu tonight.  Few evenings ago, I were cooking all my favourite dishes. *wink* I had stir fried sawi, fried mackerel, pork belly and beancurd stir fry and chicken in curry and dark soy sauce. I am going to share my pork belly and beancurd stir fry recipe here.

This recipe is passed down from my mum. We do eat a lot of beancurds at home. In soup, deep fried, stir fry with vegetables, braised dishes and so on. They said the Hakka is famous for beancurd recipes. *wink*

This pork belly and beancurd stir fry is very easy and delicious. You can use sweet soy sauce if you like it sweet but here, I used the salty dark soy sauce. 


300g pork belly, sliced thinly and blanch for few minutes before cooking
2 beancurd (you can buy the ready fried beancurd but I prefer to fry my own)
Few pinches of salt
2 -3 tbsp dark soy sauce (sub with sweet dark soy sauce if you like sweeter version)
Cooking oil

1. Rub few pinches of salt onto beancurd and leave for about 30 minutes before cut them into smaller cubes.
2. In wok, add in cooking oil enough to deep fried the beancurds. Under small fire, when oil is hot enough, slowly place beancurds cube by cube into the wok. When bottom has turned brown, flip over and brown the other side.

3. Dish out the beancurds and drain the oil.
4. In wok, leave about 2 tbsp cooking oil to stir fry the pork belly. Stir fry for few minutes till pork belly is almost cook. Add in the beancurds and mix them for few seconds.

5. Turn off the heat, toss the dark soy sauce and mix them around.

Remark: For added flavour, you can add some black bean paste too, about 1 tsp.


Sharon D said...

Mmm..this is so yummy, Rose! This is what a call a great home-cooked meal ^.^

ChrisAu said...

Well done ! Happy easter !

suituapui said...

Yummmm!!!! Looks good. Reminds me of another bean curd recipe my mum used to cook, gotta try soon. Will blog about it when I do.

mun said...

Thank you for the recipe, very clear step by step photo guide.

reana claire said... cooking lessons for us here!! Looks Great, Rose!

Princess Ribbon said...

Oohh kam ngam.. I just had braised pork belly at MIL's place for dinner yesterday.. But she added hard boiled eggs..

Azura Chan said...

I always looking forward for weekend. Because we have a great times with family with a proper menus. Always envy you being a full time housewife. :)

Ez Vina said...

The pork belly looks yummy.